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For tax year 2018 there are four Arizona tax credit programs still available for those interested in contributing to Arizona schools and/or charities by April 15th, 2019. You can make use of all of them or pick those you are moved by the most.  *The total credits claimed in a tax year are limited to your state tax liability, with additional credits being carried forward for a limited 5 year period.

Credit for contributions or fees paid to Public Schools: 
            Maximum Qualifying Donation:         $400 Married Filing Joint / $200 Single & Head of Household
Credit for contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations:  
            Maximum Qualifying Donation:        $800 Married Filing Joint / $400 Single & Head of Household
Credit for contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations: 
            Maximum Qualifying Donation:         $1,000 Married Filing Joint / $500 Single & Head of Household            

Credit for contributions to Qualified School Tuition Organizations:
            Maximum Qualifying Donation:        $2,213 Married Filing Joint /  $1,107 Single & Head of Household

We are proud to say that to spread the news of these great opportunities.  Many of our clients have made use of these credits to make a difference in the lives of others.  Below are links to most popular recipient organizations:

Public Schools:                                                              Charitable Organizations:

Casa Grande Elementary School District             Seeds of Hope

Casa Grande Union High School District               Boys and Girls Club of Casa Grande Valley

​                                                                                          Against Abuse

                                                                                          Home of Hope (Teen Challenge)

For more information and lists of additional qualified recipient organizations please view the buttons below:

O'Neil & Steiner, PLLC is proud to support THE PRIDE OF CASA GRANDE and we think you should consider doing the same.  ​The 130+ local teens that make up THE PRIDE OF CASA GRANDE were overwhelmed by the support received from our generous clients.  They put the additional $15,000+ of tax credit funding, provided at no cost to the donors due to dollar-for-dollar tax credits, to good use.  They finished 1st at the University of Arizona Band Days competition and won the prestigious Nunamaker award, were recognized as one of the top four marching bands by both state associations, and WON their 4TH Arizona State Championship in drumline at ASU last spring.   This is support that makes a local difference and support students dedicated to excellence.  Please ask how you can participate at no cost to you.  

Did you know you have the opportunity to self-direct some, or all, of your AZ state taxes to local schools and/or qualified charitable organizations?  Act now, or the state will keep your money and our politicians will spend it for you.